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Music has always been in my blood. Both my mother and father played piano and organ. Even before I was born I was surrounded by music and harmony as my mother played the church organ. My parents gave my sister and I a guitar as soon as the Beatles came out, but it wasn’t until my 16th birthday that my father found me an old Gibson acoustic that I began to take guitar seriously. Soon thereafter playing guitar and songwriting became my passion. 

  - Rick

Getting Started


In 1982, I attended the Greater Southwest guitar show in Dallas, Texas for the first time where I met collectors and dealers from across the U.S. and the globe. At about the same time, I wanted to establish a business mailing address. After inquiring with the Kensington, Maryland post office about boxes for rent and being told they were all sold out, I was referred to the Post office in Garrett Park, Maryland. The business was in need of a name and Garrett Park Guitars had a certain ring to it; thus Garrett Park Guitars, or GPG, was born.

 - Rick

Where We Are Now


In 1991 we opened our first brick and mortar store in Arnold, Maryland selling vintage guitars exclusively. Soon thereafter, we chose to add new lines to our offerings and, in 1994, we moved to Annapolis, Maryland where we now are located. Once we had a brick and mortar store, it only made sense to start teaching lessons to our customers. With that, Garrett Park School of Music was founded. For 20 years GPSOM has been providing music instruction to the people of Annapolis, and will continue to do so in the future. 

 - Rick

Rick Hogue
Founder’s Notes 


The Garrett Park School of Music was founded on the belief of sharing our passion for music with our community. Lessons began humbly in the 90s as customers would come to us to sharpen their skills, and as the years went on, the school gradually grew to become what it is today. Through cultivating an environment for creative expression, our hope is to give back the freedom that music has given to us.

And so we teach.

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