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Joey Miller

Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Rock Ensemble

Joey Miller started his music career in middle school when he learned bass in order to team up with his friend who played guitar and make the ultimate band! Now Joey is a multi-talented instrumentalist and instructor who specializes in guitar and bass. Joey is also currently the guitarist for Masters of Hyperspace. He has been described as a chameleon of his craft and demonstrates his ability to play with multiple people from multiple backgrounds and styles. 

As an instructor, Joey caters to the individual and their playing level, interests, and goals for their instrument. Joey feeds into the talents and wants of others to bring them to the next level. Joey excels in improvisation and shows that music can be enjoyed at any stage of learning. Joey currently works with multiple Rock Ensemble groups through the School of Music and utilizes his talents to bring out the talents of others. Joey is consistent in teaching values and teamwork through his own demonstration. 

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