What is it?

Rock & Roll Ensemble is a weekly class that teaches students to perform in a group setting.  Lesson curriculum focuses on learning complete songs, stage performance & technical playing.  The Rock & Roll Ensemble meets weekly for one hour over a span of 10 weeks with a qualified rock & roll performance instructor who guides students through the challenges of playing a live rock & roll show.  Ensembles consist of four to five members.  At the culmination of the 10-week class, students will perform their rehearsed songs at a local venue with a stage, lights, and full PA.


Session Dates

Spring Session: February through April

Summer Session: May through July

Fall Session:  August through October

Winter Session:   November through January 


- $135/month

If you enroll in Rock Ensemble, you will also receive a $40/month discount on private lessons.  


Email the Rock Ensemble Program Coordinator, Nate Kieser at for family discounts.


Getting Started

After submitting your student enrollment, students will be paired with students of like and ability.  Once a band is complete with all players in the ensemble, you will be notified and charged for the session.​

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Age Requirements:  It is recommended that students are at least 7 years old.  


Ability Requirements:  Students must have the ability to play through one or more songs with proficiency and exhibit skills necessary for playing with others.  The ability to sufficiently play with a metronome or live drummer is required.


Enrollment Requirements:  The enrollment period for each session ends 3 days prior to the start date.  Students must enroll online or call to enroll in order to start a session.  However, enrollment will not charge your card.  Once an ensemble is formed, you will be notified before being billed according to the plan that you have selected.  I.E.  If you are not enrolled, you cannot be eligible for ensemble selection.


If you refer a friend, you'll get $10 off your total session enrollment fees.

Other Details & CONTACT 

Due to the awesome nature of this program, there are usually many questions.  We invite you to call our lesson coordinator:


Emily Roy 
Direct Line:  410-571-9660
Cell:  410-571-4868


You may also email our general inbox for questions: .


Multiple children?  Multiple discounts.  Please call us to inquire or submit your Rock & Roll Ensemble Enrollment.

(You will not be charged when you enroll)