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Beginner Piano Lessons
  • Learning notes on the music staff (Bass and Treble clef) 

  • Using the left and right-hand separately 

  • Learning to read & play your first songs! 

Intermediate Piano Lessons 
  • Learning the damper pedal

  • Introducing the left and right hand at the same time

  • Learning how to sight-read music

Advanced Piano lessons
  • Advance sight-singing technique

  • Using the damper pedal 

  • Playing through full songs.

Our Process

an individual approach

The Garrett Park School of Music was founded on the belief in sharing our passion for music with our community.  Lessons began humbly in the '90s as Garrett Park Guitars customers would come to us to sharpen their skills.  As the years went on, the school gradually grew to what it is today.


Through cultivating an environment for creative expression, our hope is to give back the freedom that music has given to us.

Our teachers take the time to understand the goals of each student and will set a plan to achieve those goals during their lessons.  As with any type of lesson, students must be prepared to practice their instrument every day and prepare questions for their teacher as they learn.

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